"Never turn down an opportunity to train." Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. Audio Tape "On Killing"


Lethal Force Institute

LFI delivers top notch training for the armed civilian. Contact them at either their website or 800-624-9049.

Firearms Tactical Institute

This site delivers informative multimedia essays about the "battlefield problem-solving" tactical aspects of armed self-defense.


Suggested Reading:

All of the below items are also available from Amazon.com

"In the Gravest Extreme - The role of the Firearm in Personal Protection", Massad F. Ayoob. Available from Police Bookshelf. Contact Lethal Force Institute or call LFI/Police Bookshelf at 800-624-9049. This book is an ideal basic text in the legal and moral use of countervailing lethal force.

"Defensive Living", Ed Lovette & Dave Spaulding. Available from Looseleaf Law Publications, Inc. Contact them at 800-747-5547 or at their website www.looseleaflaw.com This book provides an interesting reading for beginners and advance students of armed self defense.

"On Killing", Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, 1995, Backbay Books. This book is available from Calibre Press. It fully explores how solders are taught to kill and how they live with that experience. The audio tape is superb.

2nd Amendment Links

ifeminists.com This site will surprise you. Take their ifeminist quiz. Their free newsletter is full of interesting information. The "i" stands for individual; as in individual rights. They strongly feel that the right to bear arms is such an individual right.


Second Amendment Foundation

Florida Gun Laws in Plain English

Illinois State Rifle Association contains valuable links to ATF for Federal Firearm Regulations, as well as many other interesting sites.

University of Pennsylvania Law School Second Amendment Society

Lott/Mustard Gun Control Study

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership