Laser sights, Night Sights, and mounting hardware

It took me forever to locate these sites and if a phone number or link is bad, please let me know.

First American Companies deals with all SureFire products. Contact Marty Freed at 800-982-4009. He is a good guy who will make sure you get what you need at a fair price.

On Duty Laser has an excellent FAQ about lasers.

Night Vision Devices.

There are many different type of Night Vision Devices ranging in price from $200 on up past $3,000. I recently purchased an ITT Night Quest 150 2nd Generation for around $945 from MOROVISION (800)-424-8222 (ask for David). It is an extremely comfortable compact hand held unit that works extremely well. It is a tough unit and I strongly recommend it. I am able to see a path in the woods clearly during a fall night using only ambient light. I was impressed.

And if you really want to go nuts, get the optional IR Illuminator (approx $100). This mini-mag size device is easily attached to the unit. It allows you to see in a sealed basement. Please be aware that to someone else with a NVD (Night Vision Device); this is just holding a flashlight in a dark room. Anyone with a NVD will see your illuminator, and your location.

And it will be only a matter of time before I fall and purchase the optional lens magnification kit.