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The instruction manual for the IMI UZI 9mm carbine is almost impossible to find. Neither UZI America nor Mossberg have manuals available for sale. Therefore, in the overriding interest of gun safety, you can download a PDF version of the manual. Should the fine people at UZI America or Mossberg have any objections to a copy of this manual being available for download, please contact David Levy at Software Maintenance, Inc.

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IMI UZI 9mm semi-automatic carbine instruction manual

Safety first! Clear and check your weapon whenever you receive it, before stripping it, handing it to others, putting it down or storing it.

Clear and Check Procedure:

(As demonstrated in UWS's video "Shooting the UZI the Israeli Way").

Finger on the trigger guard at all times.

Put the selector on Safe.

Remove the magazine.

Put the Selector on Fire.

Rack the cocking knob back and forth to clear the chamber.

While holding the bolt back, inspect the chamber to verify that it is empty.

Release the bolt.

Pull the trigger.

Put the selector on Safe.


Weight loaded 9.5 lbs

Length (stock folded/stock extended) 31.5 inches / 24 inches

Barrel Length 16 inches

Ammunition 9mm Ball or Hollow Point


The UZI strips into 7 components:
Diagram of stripped UZI

The UZI strips very easily.

To remove the Barrel:

To remove the Receiver Cover:

Removing the Bolt and Striker Assembly:

To Assemble just reverse the above steps. Remember, the UZI was made to be stripped in hostile environments. It strips and assembles very easily. You should not have to use too much force to strip or assemble this weapon.


The Uzi Carbine shoots best when it is held in a five point system:

1) One hand on the fore-end.

2) One hand on the pistol grip.

3) Your cheek firmly placed against the extended stock.

4) Pull your elbows down and in.

5) Fore-end gripping forearm pressed against the bottom of the magazine.

This provides a very stable platform as outlined in UWS's video "Shooting the UZI the Israeli Way" Phone 203-266-5467 part # VSU100

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